“Amanda has helped in a way no other medical therapy could!”

To receive testimonials like this makes it all worth while!

“I have always chosen a more holistic approach to my health and upon becoming pregnant and being new to the area, I was keen to find a therapist who could offer massage and reflexology to help me relax. After researching local therapists, I found Blue Owl Therapy.  Amanda and I discussed the variety of options available including a pregnancy massage and tailored reflexology sessions.  A full consultation was completed before treatment, which I found extremely reassuring.  I’d heard various things about how therapies needed to be carried out by a specially trained therapist and was fully at-ease with Amanda knowing she was qualified.

Amanda was keen to ensure that each treatment was effective yet enjoyable, letting me choose the Mother’s Balm to reduce any stretch marks, during treatment she would check I was comfortable and that pressure during the massages were to my liking. This resulted in my booking a further massage every time I visited, even one the day before my due date!!

Reflexology was also a very effective part of my treatment sessions with Amanda.  They were extremely enjoyable!  Amanda was also able to pinpoint and treat a variety of pregnancy related symptoms such as digestion issues arising from the iron tablets I was taking. I noticed improvements in these areas almost immediately!

Since my stomach muscles are very tight, which has some benefits but also disadvantages as well during pregnancy, Amanda incorporated a couple of moves from the EMMETT technique within my pregnancy massage, making my whole stomach seem a little bit ‘looser’ and me, plus baby, much more comfortable.

Overall, I would say that using Blue Owl Therapy to enhance and to improve my pregnancy has been a wonderful experience!  Amanda has helped in a way no other medical therapy could.”

Liz, September 2015

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