Giving you the Middle Finger – The Emmett Technique

The middle fingers on each hand can be used in lots of ways, can’t they? Yes, even when giving someone the “bird”.  Yet, these are the most important fingers for use in the Emmett Technique.


So, what is the Emmett Technique really about?

I first got introduced to the technique by a fellow Neal’s Yard Remedies consultant, and friend, called Claire.  I’d heard from the various ladies in our network that she had some “magic fingers” and how she’d helped to get rid of long-standing pain and body issues people had.

Back in May 2014, I was an Infinity Angel doing seated bamboo fusion massage at the Holistic Health Show at the NEC.  Before starting treatments, I’d got a niggling problem with my shoulder that I’d mentioned to Claire.  Well, that was it!  I was sat on a chair with her putting fingers on my back. neck and shoulders in a very light way.  I wasn’t actually ready for the relief when my body let go of the pain and niggles I’d had for months, if not years.  I also felt quite emotional, which is not unusual when you’re on the receiving end of this therapy.  After a few moments of quiet time and a walk round the hall, I was better than ever and ready for the day’s events, massaging lovely people at the show.

Soon after, I enrolled on the Emm-Tech short course to introduce key movements of the Emmett Technique so I could incorporate these into my therapies.  Then, in April 2015 I was so fortunate to be taught the first two Modules by the creator of the technique himself – Ross Emmett.  He’s the lovely man in the blue shirt and gold tie in the photo, and you may spot me at the front proudly holding my certificate.


What a fantastic experience that was!  I had a massive emotional release all tied up with lower back issues I’ve had for years and had been made worse since my epidural having Amy in 2010.  My passion for Emmet was ignited and I made a decision to train and become a Practitioner before the end of 2015.  That dream has now come true and I am fully-fledged!

Over the past few months I’ve been treating clients, friends and family who have all benefitted hugely.  Do you have that niggling pain, that sore muscle, the injury from a while ago, the back problem that eats away at you, the knee that needs special care, the shoulder that’s always tight, the ailments from being pregnant – I could go on, but I won’t!  Basically, I have the tools treat you.  Fancy getting a fix?  Give me a call and I’ll give you my middle fingers…in the Emmett way, of course!

See you soon!

Amanda x

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