There are fantastic benefits to massage therapy.  Here are some that you may want to receive from my treatments:

  • Improves skin tone, circulation and elasticity
  • Improves and encourages better circulation therefore more efficient delivery of nutrients and oxygen to cells and more efficient waste removal
  • Encourages deeper, and therefore, more efficient and relaxed breathing
  • Encourages better lymph drainage
  • Boosts immunity
  • Relieves muscle fatigue, soreness and stiffness
  • Relieves tired and stiff joints
  • Promotes general relaxation, relaxing the body, thereby reducing stress tension and the effects of stress
  • Relaxes the mind, thereby reducing anxiety, depression and its effects
  • Increases energy by invigorating all body systems and reducing fatigue
  • Encourages better sleep
  • Speeds up digestion
  • Improves muscle suppleness
  • Improves neural communication and relaxes the nervous system
  • Lowers high blood pressure



Why choose Blue Owl Therapy?

Receive professional quality therapy with caring one-to-one attention focusing on your wellbeing.
All treatments will be personalised to your specific needs, following a consultation, using quality organic products that are most effective and appropriate to you.

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