For client comfort, comfort wax is used in the more sensitive areas: bikini, underarms, lip and chin.  Exfoliating the night before your waxing appointments give much better results. Hair needs to be at least 5mm long for successful waxing.

Eyebrows20 minutes£11
Eyebrow Reshape20 minutes£15
Lip15 minutes£10
Chin15 minutes£10
Lip and Chin20 minutes£13
Forearms20 minutes£17
Underarms15 minutes£12
Half Legs25 minutes£18
¾ Legs30 minutes£25
Full Legs40 minutes£30
Bikini Tidy20 minutes£12
Bikini High25 minutes£15
Brazilian30 minutes£22
Hollywood40 minutes£32
Essentials Package - Half legs, bikini high, underarms and eyebrows60 minutes£47

before after lashesEyes

To ensure best results for your eye treatments, please be sure to arrive without mascara or contact lenses if you wear them.

A patch test is required 48 hours prior to treatment for all new tinting clients.

Brow Tint15 minutes£10
Lash Tint20 minutes£15
Lash and Brow Tint25 minutes£20
Brow shape and brow tint30 minutes£14
Eyelash Lift including FREE Lash and brow Tint60 minutes£40

Why choose Blue Owl Therapy?

Receive professional quality therapy with caring one-to-one attention focusing on your wellbeing.
All treatments will be personalised to your specific needs, following a consultation, using quality organic products that are most effective and appropriate to you.

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🍇Elderberry Syrup 🍇 is a “must-have” in my house at this time of year!
Lots of colds and flu going around with change of season and kids back to school. It all contributes to bringing down our immune systems.
Elderberries are rich in vitamin C and are a natural immune system booster. Several studies have demonstrated that elder extract is highly effective in mitigating flu-like symptoms
Our 100% Organic Elderberry Syrup is a tasty herbal cordial made to a traditional recipe.
Absolutely delicious, enjoy in a glass of prosecco (medicinal purposes obviously!!), drizzled over porridge or cereal, added to water, fruit juice or smoothie - the choice is all yours.
Suitable for adults and children over 12 months of age (just halve the amount for children).
✓ Antioxidant
✓ Rich in Vitamin C
✓ Rich in Flavonoids
✓ Safe for children
✓ Free from preservatives
✓ Non GM
PM to order today. £9.50 a bottle.... an absolute bargain!


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