For client comfort, comfort wax is used in the more sensitive areas: bikini, underarms, lip and chin.  Exfoliating the night before your waxing appointments give much better results. Hair needs to be at least 5mm long for successful waxing.

Eyebrows20 minutes£11
Eyebrow Reshape20 minutes£15
Lip15 minutes£10
Chin15 minutes£10
Lip and Chin20 minutes£13
Forearms20 minutes£17
Underarms15 minutes£12
Half Legs25 minutes£18
¾ Legs30 minutes£25
Full Legs40 minutes£30
Bikini Tidy20 minutes£12
Bikini High25 minutes£15
Brazilian30 minutes£22
Hollywood40 minutes£32
Essentials Package - Half legs, bikini high, underarms and eyebrows60 minutes£47

before after lashesEyes

To ensure best results for your eye treatments, please be sure to arrive without mascara or contact lenses if you wear them.

A patch test is required 48 hours prior to treatment for all new tinting clients.

Brow Tint15 minutes£10
Lash Tint20 minutes£15
Lash and Brow Tint25 minutes£20
Brow shape and brow tint30 minutes£14
Eyelash Lift including FREE Lash and brow Tint60 minutes£40

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